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  • Ozone Vegetable and Fruit Purifier

    • The fruits and vegetables that we eat today are subjected to pesticides and other harmful chemicals that are giving birth to daily lifestyle diseases like BP, Sugar, Cholesterol, muscular pain and tiredness.
    • The World Health Organization estimates that there are about 3 million cases of pesticide poisoning each year and up to 220,000 deaths.
    • There is also increasing evidence that pesticides disturb our hormones that have increased infertility (thyroid, PCOD, low sperm count) and birth defects worldwide.
    • Farmers who spray pesticides are 3 times more likely to develop lung cancer and 4 times more likely to develop brain cancer.

    All of us wash Fruits, Vegetables, Pulses and Meat before consuming them raw or cooking. But, this is not enough. Fruits, Vegetables and Meat come to use after they are subjected to an extensive use of insecticide, pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Rinsing them with simple tap water does not wash away their residual traces, As a result, we end up taking them in our diet. Worldwide, many doctors and World Health Officials attribute cancer to pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Consider this, if a chemical (insecticide) is meant to kill an insect, wouldn’t it harm you too? 67 pesticides that are banned in other countries are still used in India. Research shows that pesticide levels in breast milk samples are 400-800% higher than allowed levels. Apples can be sprayed up to 16 times with a variety of pesticides before being sold in shops.

    Herbal Daily prides itself in popularizing Ozone Vegetable and Fruit Purifier in India, thereby promoting oxidized cleaning of fruits, vegetables and providing clean drinking water free of chlorine.

    The severe side effects of Pesticides and Genetically Modified Foods have urged celebrities like Aamir Khan and Mahesh Bhatt to create documentaries and awareness episodes.

    Watch these videos to know more
    *Original Source - Star India

    What is an Ozone Purifier and how can it help my family get rid of such harmful pesticides and other pollutants?

    Ozone is a gas that kills bacteria, fungus and viruses. Ozone eradicates up to 99.9% of bacteria In fact, ozone is known to kill bacteria in water 500 times faster than chlorine. An added benefit is that ozonation helps fruit and vegetables stay fresh up to three times longer. Over 3000 cities worldwide now use ozone technology for water purification! However, only the very educated class in India knows about its health benefits.

    How can Ozone Purifier increase my oxygen levels and prevent my family from Cancer, Infertility and other Diseases?

    Ozone (O3) is the supercharged form of Oxygen (O2). It has now been proved that the primary cause of cancer is lack of oxygen in cells. Cancer cannot survive in an oxygen-rich body.

    Almost all patients suffer from hypoxia which is lack of oxygen in the cells. Fatigue, depression, irritability and poor judgment are all signs of ever increasing lack of oxygen. A few hundred years ago, the oxygen content in the air was 38% which has now reduced to some 17-19%. It is not possible for a common man to grow all his fruits and vegetables organically. The best h/she can do for his family is oxidize the fruits and vegetables, thereby increasing its antioxidant properties, which will automatically increase the oxygen levels in our bodies.

    How to use it for Fruits, Vegetables, Pulses and Meat?

    • Simply put the vegetables, fruits, pulses meat in a bowl filled with water & drop the ozone tube into the bowl
    • Set automatic timer as per requirement ( 20 minutes)
    • The Ozone Purifier will automatically stop after the set time and you have fresh eatables to be consumed. You do not need to wash your eatables after this. Chemicals are neutralized and bacteria killed making your eatables completely safe.

    How to use it for Drinking water?

    • Simply put the Ozone Purifier tube in water (max capacity 20 liters) for 15 minutes and you have pure water to be consumed.


    • Do not breathe ozone directly from the Ozone Purifier.
    • Ozone purifier when used as an air purifier shouldn’t be kept too close to mouth, nose or eyes. It is a respiratory irritant that can cause a tickle in your throat or a bout of coughing if you take it orally.
    • Always take care to keep pets and children away from the purifier.
    • Asthma patients should strictly keep themselves away when it is used as an air purifier. You can take Ozonated water though and also use it to clean vegetables and fruits.
    • Do not use ozone in the environment of flammable gases or explosives. It is prohibited to smoking, working with open fire, and work with tools that cause flame or spark.

    The purifier comes in a sleek and modern design & it does not require any service and change of parts. The product comes with 1 year warranty and is serviceable unless it has undergone severe accidental damage.

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    Herbal Daily’s ozone Purifier is CE and ROHS Compliant.

    Disclaimer: We make no claims other than killing pesticide, pollutants and water purification. We advise you to seek professional advice from a qualified physician for anything other than what’s explicitly instructed on Herbal Daily’s website.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.
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